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Posted on Jan 2, 2012 in Love | 8 comments

Wedding Pictures

Wedding Pictures

Me and our flower girl, my niece Alexis, with our matching bracelets.

In between going to the aquarium, riding a ski lift in 18 degree weather, and getting thoroughly beaten in air hockey, I’ve spent a few minutes today working on wedding pictures.  My good friend Leslie Coelho travelled from Michigan to photograph our wedding, then downloaded the pictures to my computer.  I’ve done a little cropping and color-correcting.

Inside the prayer tower at our church

One last father-daughter hug before he gave me away...

One last look in the mirror before walking down the aisle


Ceremony Decor


Table Setting at the Reception


Okay, now my husband is saying I should not be spending time on our honeymoon messing with my blog!  He is waiting for me to make use of our cabin’s hot tub.  I’ll have to catch you all later…  🙂


  1. It was beautiful. You were beautiful! It’s been such an amazing journey, being your friend – it was an honor to be part of your special day, thank you.

    I cannot believe you’re blogging on your honeymoon… go enjoy that hot tub, but keep that blog to yourself. 🙂

    Love you.

  2. Blog or Hot Tub Blog or Hot Tub
    Let me think a minute…. Yes! You made the right choice!!! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  3. Kimberly,

    I’m so happy for you! You look beautiful!!! I love what pics you have posted…I’m sure you have tons! Thanks for taking time out of your honeymoon to share with us!!!

  4. Enjoy the hot tub! Thanks for the additional photos. They are beautiful ! I feel like I’ve been through an 11 day whirlwind. . . I’m sure you feel like it’s been more like a 6 month one!

  5. Love it!!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL…God shined on you with love and through you in these pics..of coarse you have always shined Gods Love and Mercy

  7. Kimberly,
    These pixs are so beautiful! I was and still am so honored to be in your wedding. Thank you again for being so gracious! You are a precious friend! I have missed our Starbucks time together, but was glad to move over for wedding planning…but now I am ready for you back and here you are moving to OH!!!! I am already ready for the road trip! I guess you have to come back from the honeymoon first:-)!!! Have an amazing time!!!!

  8. Kimberly, when you get home from your honeymoon, would you contact me by email? I have a potential book editing job for you! Thanks, Patricia Whiteside-

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