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Posted on Dec 28, 2012 in Devotional, Fertility | 15 comments

My God has Answered…

My God has Answered…

When I suddenly found myself jobless in May of 2010, I knew what to do.  I had actually taught classes on getting into the job/career you were made to do.  I had also worked in the Career Services office at my graduate school.  I had a great resume and future ahead of me.  But instead of jumping into an aggressive job search, I did the exact opposite.  I stayed home and prayed.  But I didn’t even pray for a job.  Instead, every time I opened my mouth to ask God for a job, what came out instead was a deep cry for a husband, children, and a home of my own.  The closest I could come to praying for a job was to pray for provision.  I half-heartedly sent out resumes and responded to job openings, but I did none of the things I knew to do to get the good job I was educated and experienced to do.

I ended up working for a friend, helping her take care of her large home and family, all the while paying off my graduate school student loans and trying to keep down the inward groan.  I loved her children and was thankful for financial provision, but struggled at times to deal with the humbling nature of the work.  I often reminded myself that this was the best training I could ask for if I truly wanted to be married and have a family.  I learned an incredible amount of hands-on, practical skills for family life during that time.

My friend had books of baby names that she used to as references in the name search for her many children.  The meaning of each child’s name was as important to her as how it sounded and what others might think of it.  One day I was flipping through one of her books and I decided to just look at what each name meant, looking for something that might mean something to me.  As I searched, I ran across one that stopped me suddenly.  “My God has answered.”  My heart was gripped.  It was a promise that took my breath away.  I had been begging God for a child, and to be able to name that child, “My God has answered,” would be amazing.

I looked over at the name, nearly wincing.  What name might match with this meaning?  I was afraid to look.  But then I saw the name and my heart did a little leap.  Beautiful!  I loved it, even though I didn’t think I’d ever heard it before.

Eliana – my God has answered my prayer.

Sleeping HandsEliana.  Eliana.  Eliana.  (El – ee- ah – nah)  The name rolled off my tongue, making me smile.  It was similar to my mother’s name, Elaine.  For days I walked around smiling and repeating the name, getting used to it.  And then one day I realized with a laugh that I have a cousin who named her daughter by the same name.  I had  heard it before, but it hadn’t registered in the same way.  I decided I was okay with giving my grandmother a second great-grandchild named Eliana.  If I ever were given the gift of a daughter, I would do my best to convince my husband that the best name for her would be Eliana.

When Rick and I discussed it, he liked it too.  We agreed to honor his mother by giving her the middle name of Rose, his mom’s middle name.  Eliana Rose – My God has answered with a beautiful flower.

When the doctor said, “It’s a girl!”, we already knew her name.  My heart swelled with thanksgiving to God for the blessing of this child, this daughter.  She is our answered prayer.  And I have a feeling we’ll be correcting people for a long time.  No, it isn’t Elaina (Ee – lay -nah).  No, it isn’t Ellie.  Please call her Eliana.  Please give the honor back to God every time her name is spoken aloud.  She is our precious answer to years of hopeful and heart-felt prayers.  Our beautiful flower.

The song that I find going through my mind repeatedly these days is the Edwin McCain song, “I Could Not Ask For More.”  I could not ask for more than this time together/ I could not ask for more than this time with you/ Every prayer has been answered/ Every dream I have’s come true/ And right here in this moment is right where I’m meant to be/ Here with you here with me…

“For this child we prayed, and the Lord has granted us our petition which we made to Him.”  I Samuel 1:27.


  1. Thank you! This post came at the right time for my life. I don’t understand why God chooses some of us to wait a little longer for our soul mate. I am encouraged to seek God in prayer whole heartedly for my husband. Thank you!

    • Frances, I’m so glad I could be an encouragement to you. I don’t understand why I had to wait so long either, but I’m so thankful that I waited for God’s timing. He knew exactly what I needed. He knows what you need too.

  2. I agree with Frances. Perhaps God’s plan is for me to be an example to my nieces and nephews instead of having a biological child. I don’t get it but I’ll go with it.

    • Karen, I wish I had an answer for you. Thank you for responding and reminding me of how it feels while you’re waiting and wondering if your time will ever come. I’m hopeful for you!

  3. Praise the Lord and congratulations on the birth of Eliana Rose. What a beautiful name for beautiful little girl!!! You probably don’t know this, but my middle name is Rose and I was named after my 2 grandmothers……Amanda and Rosie. My Mother changed the middle “a” to an “o” and dropped the “ie” to Rosie and I became Amonda Rose. Eliana will go through her whole life correcting people’s spelling and pronounciation of her name, but she will love it because it is different. I was always the only Amonda in my classes and I have yet to meet another one….there are lots of Amanda’s in the world, but to my knowledge, I’m the only Amonda. When I google my name it always comes up….do you mean Amanda? 🙂

    When was little Elaina born and I pray you had an easier delivery than pregnancy!? Are we going to get to see more pictures of your little angel?

    One more bit of interesting info…….Edwin McCain is one of our youngest son’s, Greg, good friend. When they were in high school, they were in a garage band together. Greg played the bass guitar and of course Edwin sang. Also, Edwin’s dad was our boys’ Peditrician. Edwin also married a good friend of ours, daughter. Small world, isn’t it.

    • Thanks for sharing, Amonda! I always wondered where your name came from. My delivery WAS better than pregnancy! And I only gained 5 pounds the whole time, so I followed in your footsteps and am smaller now than I was when I got pregnant. That’s so fun that you know Edwin McCain! I love that song.

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL blog….. We LOVE you and Pray the best for you and yours…… May God Bless and keep each of you in His care always.. “Have a JESUS filled NEW YEAR”

  5. This brought tears to my eyes Kim, so beautiful. Names for children in the Jewish community all have special meaniing so congratulations on a life that was given to a woman with faith. He has answered the ‘ desires of your heart ‘. May the best be yours always. Dodi

    • Thank you, Dodi. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

  6. Beautiful and precious!!!!!

  7. Very beautiful words, I am thankful for you sharing.

  8. This is beautiful!

  9. This is awesome. I love knowing the story and meaning behind names! And I agree- it is such a beautiful name!

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