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Posted on Mar 9, 2013 in Devotional, Wisdom | 4 comments

Her First Sunrise

Her First Sunrise

This morning I introduced Eliana to this amazing thing called a sunrise.


Costa Rica sunrise taken during our honeymoon

Costa Rica sunrise taken during our honeymoon

She’s never seen one before, but this morning she happened to finish nursing at just the right time to enjoy the start of a beautiful day. Every morning after her early morning feeding, we have a happy time of singing and playing and talking. I sit her on my lap, knees up, facing me, and we just love on one another. This morning I faced her away from me and told her all about the beauty of a sunrise. I’m not typically one who gets up for the sun. I’m content to see one every so often and typically enjoy my blackout curtains and comfy bed around that time. But I do appreciate them when I’m awake.

This morning I sang her the “Eliana” song I made up. There’s a place in there for a two-syllable adjective to describe her. For the first few weeks of her life, all I could think of was “pretty”, “lovely”, and “happy” to fill in those blanks. A few weeks ago I realized that the perfect adjectives I had been looking for were the fruits of the Spirit. And so now I pray over her in song every morning…

Loving Eliana,
Eliana, Eliana Rose

(key change) Eliana,
Joyful Eliana,
Eliana, Eliana Rose

(another key change) Eliana,
Peaceful Eliana,
Eliana, Eliana Wyse

And on we go – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfullnes, and self-control. I have to work a little to get “self-control” in there since the syllables don’t match up at all, but it’s an important one!

We watched the bright ball of fire rise in the sky this morning together, noticed that it’s difficult to look directly at it, and I thought of the brilliance of God. Sometimes it’s hard to “look” too hard at the majesty of Him and we feel the need to turn away slightly. Our righteousness, the light we have to offer the world, is darkness compared to God. And yet He is the one we are to be like.

DSC_0019 CROPI want my daughter to be full of God’s Spirit and light, so I pray over her every single day – to be full of all the most wonderful things of which I can think. Lovely Eliana, Joyful Eliana, Peaceful Eliana, Patient Eliana, Kindly Eliana, Good Eliana, Gentle Eliana, Faithful Eliana, and Self-Controlled Eliana. I add in some other things for good measure – pretty, gracious, healthy, and so on.

And I thank God for this precious gift, sent directly from the arms to God to mine.

Sometimes the thought is so bright and fiery that I have to look away for a moment.

I am in awe.


  1. You make your daddy cry tears of joy and thanksgiving

  2. Your Heavenly Daddy must be shedding tears of joy also! You are on the right narrow path. What a beautiful woman of God you have become. Thanks for loving my grandkids. Hugs to all. Barb

  3. You are SUCH a good Mommy! But I am not surprised, everything you do, you do in EXCELLENCE. I hope Rick knows what a gem he has in you. And your daughter is SO lucky to have you for a godly mother.
    Love to you all,

  4. P.S. I forgot to say what a precious peanut she is! This picture is adorable!!!! I love her little rolls and ruffle bottom. Awe, send some snuggles & kisses from Auntie Jenn:-).

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