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Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Devotional, Love, Marriage | 6 comments

How I Feel Right Now

How I Feel Right Now

I know some of you read my blog posts and Facebook updates and think,

“Oh just SHUT UP with your peace and love and babies and husband-who-cleans-the-house!”

I know.

I was just listening to my iPod on shuffle and a song I used to really enjoy came on. It’s by Kelly Clarkson, called “How I Feel.” Check it out. I used to sing this verse at the top of my lungs:

It seems every time I find a good man
He’s got a good little wife
I’m not jealous but I won’t lie
I don’t want to hear about your wonderful life
And babies! Everywhere I look…
Trophy wives with their little black books
At this rate I’m gonna end up alone

How many great guys did I meet and wonder about, only to find out they were already married?  And seriously, was EVERYONE having babies but me?  Sometimes I struggle with what I write. I think about how it makes you feel. Will this post be hurtful? Cause someone to feel annoyed by how peachy everything is for me? If you’ve spent any time with me, you know I’m no Pollyanna. I’m a realist.

When I was screaming that bitter song at the top of my lungs, giving myself a few minutes of unguarded self-pity and anger toward those who had the things I wanted so much, I still held out hope for myself. For a few minutes I might’ve forgotten, but soon I was back to the version of myself I like better.

I needed to know there was hope for me. I needed to know SOMEONE who had made it through the desert and was living in The Promised Land. On earth. Alive. Was there really anyone out there who had waited for the Lord beyond what seemed reasonable and natural and actually received the promises?  And not a movie character???

I try to convey through what I write that my life is real, not a fairy tale. I look in the mirror and wonder what my husband sees in me. Sometimes it’s hard to live with someone who’s obsessively clean. There are challenges that come along with marrying later in life, set in our ways and trying to merge into a family. Sometimes I hear the baby cry and I get frustrated because I need to get a few more things done. Why won’t she settle into a schedule? The bed isn’t made, the tax records need to be updated, and I fear my body can’t handle another pregnancy.

But there are tons of women out there who write about that stuff. You can find young mothers griping about their children on any number of blogs. You can easily find wives tearing down their husbands and dragging all their dirty laundry out on the internet.

I could probably make it pretty funny too. But why?

My story is unique and I don’t write merely for your entertainment. (Although it makes me happy when you’re entertained.)  I waited a long time for this precious husband, for the daughter who brightens up my days. I had a glimmer of hope for more than one child. I begged God for a home of my own. I didn’t ask for a mansion; just a home to call my own. I wanted stacks of dishes, dirty floors, and laundry piled up – because the mess indicated life and love and full arms. So will I now complain about it all?

Go ahead and feel frustrated and angry because you’re still waiting for God’s promises to you. At times, stop reading my blog and find one of those gripy blogs. I understand. But come back when you’re feeling better, read again, and let the words encourage you.

God is faithful.

His timing is perfect.

Even when it’s painful and hard to understand and you think your suffering will never end – there is hope.


  1. I would tell you that reading about your life before your husband and now reading about your married life and you being a mommy has inspired me in so many ways. If you ask and wait long enough, God will answer your prayers and pour out an abundance of love on your life! All that you were worried about is now being fulfilled! You are having your second baby and who knows they may be a third or even a fifth!! I know you were raised in a Christian home, I love your parents, and I’m so happy that you learned so much from them about God at a very young age and you saw that life was not always a bed of roses and sometimes your dad couldn’t be there for helping others. God was just molding you and preparing you for all these years for this perfect man and these beautiful children. I believe you deserve every ounce of it! Keep your faith and keep your eyes on the Lord! I enjoy reading your blogs. They really lift me up’ I’m so happy for you!!!!! You are an awesome mom and a wonderful wife! God bless you in the years to come!!!!!

    • What a thoughtful and encouraging comment, Kim. I appreciate it. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. “There is hope.”

    I love watching your story unfold and how the narrative changed but mostly I love seeing the joy of the Lord – joy overflowing.

    Yesterday I wrote about being angry – me being angry. This morning I began writing praise. I’ve been singing these words the past few days…
    “Whatever my lot thou hast taught me to say, even so it is well with my soul.”


    • YES THERE IS!!! Even on the days when all is despair, there is hope. This too shall pass… I learned to find joy through gratitude before the good stuff started happening, and it’s made all the difference.

  3. You are a real life, modern day, story that brings hope to so many. You go ahead and shout out how God has blessed you. Those who are jealous are those who failed to walk in prayer with you for your blessing. Praise God for all He has done and is continuing to do.

    • Thank you , sweet friend. I look forward to shouting with joy over your answers to prayer in the coming days.

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