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Posted on Aug 25, 2016 in Fertility, Health, Love, Marriage | 11 comments

Baby Wyse #3

Baby Wyse #3

Rick and I are so happy to let you know that Baby Wyse #3 is on the way! The baby is due to be born on March 16, 2017. We are soon to be out-numbered!

After Charlie was born, I decided there would be no more pregnancies for me. Pregnancy and I didn’t get along very well, and I had my son and daughter. My hands were incredibly full with a 15-month old and a newborn, so the idea of another baby made me feel like suffocating.

But the kids are now 3 1/2 and 2, much more self-sufficient and getting along great. I considered returning to work, but the options in our rural area are limited. After exploring those options without success, Rick and I decided that another baby might be a good thing. I was still terrified of pregnancy from my two previous experiences, so I began exploring alternative health options to see if I could have a different experience in the future.

I found a wonderful chiropractor who helped with the energy deficiency I couldn’t seem to shake. She introduced me to a local naturopath who ran some tests and provided hope that I could get some deep-seated health issues resolved and have a better experience. I had excruciating pain in my knees, in spite of having lost 20 pounds and following a diabetic diet to keep my blood sugar healthy. My primary care physician, chiropractor, naturopath, and the massage therapist I’ve been working with for several years all told me the same things: 1) This is a reaction to stress. Go on vacation and get your mind off your recent disappointments. 2) You need an anti-inflammatory diet. Meat, vegetables, fruit. No more bread and sugar.

I heeded their advice. I began taking the remedy the naturopath gave me (one bottle, not hundreds of dollars in various supplements). Our family rented a beautiful cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg, and we brought our babysitter along. For the first time in about four years, Rick and I slept through the night without interruption for 8 nights in a row. I cannot minimize how much that helped me. A lack of sleep for that many years had really affected me. During that vacation, I took a complete break from social media and things came back into perspective. I have been so blessed with a wonderful family, and I simply enjoyed them.

Following that vacation, I started The Whole30, which I’ve written about before. I used that eating plan to help find a good balance for my body, and while I’m not where I want to be yet, I am confident that I’m headed in the right direction. As my diet changed, anxiety fell off me. My knee pain all but disappeared. I lost more weight. I began exercising again, and as summer came around, I began enjoying gardening and the warm, fresh air.

Strange things began happening, like instead of falling asleep after over-eating, my body screamed at me to MOVE. I started jogging a little, doing jumping jacks, and even (shock…) craving vegetables! I began to have healthy, normal responses to hunger and satisfaction. My hormones balanced out and the naturopath could find NO vitamin/nutrient deficiencies when she tested me.

Baby Wyse 3As I worked on my health, Rick and I decided to let nature take it’s course to see if we might conceive, but nothing happened. We thought it was possible that we had reached the end of our biological clocks and were okay with that. We are so content and blessed with our precious children. But I’m not very good at “going with the flow”, so after almost a year of seeing what might happen, I got serious. I began tracking and testing and was very pleasantly surprised to find that IT WORKED! The first month! Whoa.

Within an hour of getting that positive pregnancy test, I went to work. I made a list with the title, “Preparation for Armageddon”. I listed all the things I needed to do in the next one to two weeks to prepare for the sickness I’d had with the other two. I cooked up a storm and filled our freezer to the brim. I organized and planned and prepared. I had boundless energy and I used it!

When week five hit (the first time I threw up with Eliana), I still felt great. Relieved, I scurried around more, doing fun things with the kids while I could, making lists, and working in the yard and garden. I was intent on meeting my “step goals” on my fitness tracker and did so every single day that week.

When week six hit (when I really got sick with both kids), low-level nausea made it’s appearance. It was no big deal. I didn’t throw up, I wasn’t couch-bound, I even felt a little better if I went for a walk! So I walked and gardened and kept on cooking. One day we had a family fun event and I was pretty tired of feeling nauseated, so I took some anti-nausea medication. The rest of the day was great and I had no issues at all.

The days since then have been a combination of feeling pretty good (except for very, very tired) and feeling yucky/nauseated. I haven’t thrown up. On the days when I’m extra-tired, I take a nap with the kids. My energy comes back within a few days and I make up for the days before. I’ve been spending more time indoors and not getting many steps in, but I’m giving myself grace for that.

So far, this pregnancy is pretty normal. I remind myself that nausea isn’t that big of a deal and repeat out loud how grateful I am that I’m not throwing up. I can go for walks (with Eliana, extreme motion sickness made walking impossible), work in the garden, pick peaches with my husband, and cook meals. My meals aren’t spectacular right now, but they’re often hot and nutritious.

We’ve decided to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. Once the baby gets here and is big enough to sleep in a crib in his or her own room, we’ll evaluate where the older two are with their maturity level and decide how to arrange the kids’ bedrooms. We have lots of ideas, but no solutions right now, and are hoping it becomes obvious to us when we need to decide.

I’d like to have a different birthing experience this time. The epidurals didn’t fully take either time before, and last time led to a horrific spinal headache that negatively impacted Charlie’s birth and my health for a while afterward. I’m planning to fully educate myself on non-epidural pain-relief methods, utilize a local midwife, and plan for a midwife-attended hospital birth. I take medicine for a headache, so I see no reason to go through labor and delivery completely un-medicated. However, the epidural is off the table. Thankfully, with the last two, the birthing process was actually the “easy” part. Not really, but so much easier than the pregnancies themselves.

We’ve told Eliana and Charlie and they’re thrilled. They have all kinds of fun and interesting questions. I have an app on my phone that shows an illustration of the size of the baby each week. Eliana LOVES to look at it and asks me almost every day to show her how big the baby is right now. Some questions I’ve had so far include:

“When the baby gets big enough to come out, will your belly just POP?” (A basic anatomy lesson followed that question and seemed to satisfy her concerns.)

“Do I have a baby in MY belly?”
“No, sweetheart. You’re too little to have a baby in your belly. That won’t happen until you’re more grown up.”
“Like Kristina?” (our 18-year old babysitter)
“Well, yes. You have to be at least as grown up as Kristina to have a baby in your belly.”

One day when I was particularly nauseated and tired and laid on the couch most of the day…
“Is the baby in your belly still sick?”
“No, Charlie, the baby isn’t sick. But because the baby is in Mommy’s belly, Mommy’s belly is a little upset today.”
“Oh, okay. Can you walk?” (Well, shoot. I guess I’ve been particularly lazy today. After that, I got up, took a Zofran, and got some things done.)

“If you throw up, Mommy, will you throw up the baby?”


I’ve always wanted a large family. Maybe we’ll stop after three and call that “large enough.” Maybe we’ll test nature a little more and see if four is possible. Rick looks at me like I’m crazy when I say that, but these kids will keep us young! 🙂 Our babysitter’s mom told me she had four more after she was my age, so it’s possible that if I keep myself healthy, I have plenty of time left…


  1. Very sweet. I see how your perspective has changed on lots of things. I’m sure this pregnancy with be a great learning experience for the children. Just continue to speak blessings over your body and I’m sure this pregnancy will be a breeze. Congratulations to you both.

    • Thanks! I spoke plenty of blessings over my body the last two times, which I am going to say “worked” because I was able to carry the pregnancies through and have healthy babies, but no amount of prayer made the resulting nausea, skin cancer, ganglion cyst, or gestational diabetes go away. I felt so discouraged and alone. In hindsight, I can see how God used the difficulties to bring my husband and I closer together in a very short amount of time, but why He allowed such suffering will always be a mystery to me. I’m a big believer in trusting God, even when He doesn’t make sense.

  2. Congratulations Kim!!! Here in the UK it is all midwife births, you never see a doctor! I didn’t have much fun with an epidural either and it wasn’t a particularly hard birth so this last time I did all natural and wasn’t bad at all. I found that I was so nervous the first time and everyone builds up this image of such a scary experience that we resort to all sorts of tactics. With a natural birth you can just be yourself and do what is natural for you to get through. As a third birth it will be very short and your recovery time will be short as well. If you can get a birthing pool that would make it so much better and I would highly recommend. I was amazed that after having a natural birth I was up and just as normal within a day or so. I wished someone had told me that for the first birth:) wishing you a great 9 months and beyond!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Jenny! I’ve passed gallstones without pain medication, and that was awful. I felt like I’d be ok, but also bought into the dear too. The hospital does have a pool available for labor, just not delivery. As much as I enjoy baths during pregnancy, I can imagine that it really helps during labor.

  3. This made me smile. I am glad that your belly will not pop, but I would love to hear their questions when your belly grows to where it feels like it will pop! I’m so happy for all of you! I love you my dearest friend.

    • I love you too. I’ll keep track of their funny questions and maybe do an update. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! I’m really happy for you! God bless you, your family and your pregnancy! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I really appreciate the way you write so openly and honestly about life’s ups and downs. A blog like yours is hard to find.
    Many things in my life has been similar to your life. For example I was also single for a looong time, hoping so much for a husband. I am also married to a farmer now. 🙂 I’m very thankful for the blessings of having a good man by my side. I’ve been meaning to write you for quite some time. Thank you for blogging!

    • Thanks, Hanna! It sounds like we do have a lot in common. I appreciate your kind words. Blessings to you!

  5. Kimberly, I loved reading your health journey. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad Charlie is adding a dose of humor to your life with, “Will you throw up the baby?” That made me laugh at loud! It is great news that you are feeling well enough, and not suffering the horrible nauseau you did the previous time. You never know, maybe we both can squeeze one more pregnancy in at the same time, like with Josie and Eliana. I love you lots!

  6. I’m a friend of a friend and had to read your page because your profile pic is an ultrasound photo. My third came as a surprise at 39. I had just completed a Paleo challenge and was feeling the best I had ever felt. I rocked that pregnancy and managed to have a drug-free delivery (first 2 were pitocin/epidurals) and requested no pitocin post-delivery (seriously, talk to your doc/mid-wife about that). You can do it! Read, study. Mental preparation was EVERYTHING. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    • Sheila, I just saw your comment today. Thanks for taking the time to encourage me. This pregnancy has been significantly better than the other two, but it has also taken it’s toll. I’m very ready to feel GOOD again. I’m planning for a drug-free delivery this time and am very curious about refusing pitocin after birth. I talked to my midwife about it at our first meeting and she was surprisingly unwilling. I’m going to look into it more now. I have gestational diabetes again, which has been a great disappointment to me after all I’ve done to get healthy, so I’m concerned that they will push for an induction, which makes me terrified of not having any pain relief! Thank you for your prayers.

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