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I am a mother, a farmer’s wife, a minister, and a writer.  God has blessed me with the ability to work from home so I can focus my attention on all my loves, but it hasn’t always been this way.

At the age of 36, I got married and left my city-life in Nashville, TN, to move to the rural Midwest.  After 13 years of building a career and earning a master’s degree that eventually led to my ordination and position as a staff pastor at a large church, I am learning the new role of housewife and mother.  It’s an adjustment, but I’m so thankful for the life God has given me.

God graced us by filling our home with the sound of children’s laughter.  Our Eliana Rose joined the family just 11 days shy of our one-year wedding anniversary.  She brought so much joy into our lives that we immediately did it again! Charlie Dean was born just 15 months after his big sister and is living up to the meaning of his name – a friendly, free, responsible man.

Just to add a cherry to the top of our little family, we decided to go for it one more time! Baby #3, Redmond Samuel, was born on March 1, 2017. He brought some surprises with him, giving us a very challenging first six months of his life. We made it through though! He’s our miracle baby, rockin’ an extra 21st chromosome, delighting our hearts every day.

My husband is a crop farmer with no livestock, so there are no 5:00 a.m. wake up calls from a rooster here.  We have the luxury of working from home and setting our own hours.  We both have family in the area, so that is a welcome change for me.  I’m working to become a published author and speaker, although not too hard these days as I focus on motherhood.

Gathering Wisdom:  My parents taught me the story of Solomon from the time I was a child, encouraging me to pray for wisdom and then I would find all the other things I needed as well.  That lesson made a big impact on me and I’ve prayed for wisdom nearly every day since then.  As circumstances have affected my life, I look for what can be learned and how I can grow through it.  Then I want to know how I can teach it to others so they can make better choices than I knew to make.  When Mr. Wyse proposed to me, I knew that God has a good sense of humor and delights in honoring our requests.  It is my prayer to be wise, my last name is now Wyse, and I hope that what I write conveys wisdom from the Lord.

Showing my baby the beautiful world God made

Joyfully Sharing God’s Goodness:  God constantly encourages us through Scripture to remember the miraculous and amazing things He has done.  It’s what keeps our eyes on Him and off our circumstances, building faith and courage, and setting us free from fear.  God commands us to share our testimony with others, to remember His goodness, and through the ability to speak and write, I hope to fulfill that calling.

Background and Education:
I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Clemson University and a Masters of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University.  I worked for a denominational publishing house for six years, then for a non-denominational church as the Women’s Ministries Director and Community Groups Pastor.  In December, 2011, I got married and joined my husband on his farm in the rural Midwest.  My father is Pastor Sam Wenger, a seasoned apostle who enjoys turning hurting churches around. My mother, Elaine, is a real estate agent, and I have a younger sister and brother.  We live very close to my husband’s parents, John and Sharon, and are grateful for their love and support in raising our little treasures.

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