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Baby Bump 1I would love to speak to your church group, at your women’s retreat, Sunday service, youth group, or other special event.  

My experience in speaking and leading groups extends beyond my work as a women’s minister and community groups pastor.  For four years, I traveled and spoke before groups that averaged 200-450 trainees on a weekly basis.  I have experience speaking before a church of 3000, and have spoken at events with as few as ten attendees.  In college, I was often the concert emcee for the acapella ensemble I sang in, performed as a principal in musicals, and led university-wide student events and meetings (through student government).  In high school, I may not have had one trophy for sports, but I had a collection of them for The National Forensics League competitions (speech and debate).  My education includes training in speech, debate, preaching, teaching, and musical performance.

My background is varied.  Born into a family that has been Anabaptist as far back as the sixteenth century, I attended a Mennonite church as a child.  My father is a pastor and left the denomination to start an independent, Charismatic congregation.  My family currently attends the contemporary service at a non-denominational Anabaptist church.  Before seminary, I worked for The United Methodist Publishing House on the team that trained leaders of Disciple Bible Study and Christian Believer.  I have a solid foundation in Scripture, inductive Bible study, and traditional Christian values.

I’ll help you achieve the event you desire.  As an ordained pastor with a Masters of Arts in Practical Theology and experience in a large church as a staff pastor, I understand the demands of full-time church service.  As a former event planner, I know what it takes to make an event excellent.  I can work with you to develop promotional materials, an event timeline, and a target audience for your event.


If you have a particular subject or passage you’d like me to speak on, I’m happy to work with you.  Some of my favorite topics to speak on are the following:

FamilyJoyfully Sharing the Goodness of God
Audience:  Adults and Senior High Youth

Psalm 105 starts with the words, “Oh give thanks to the Lord!  Call upon His name; make known His deeds among the people!”  It is a theme throughout the Psalms – giving thanks to God, praying, and remembering God’s goodness among the people.  David constantly rehearsed the miracles God had done, the character of God, and who he knew God to be.  In this message I share my testimony of learning to step out in faith and share the things God has done for me.  When God first started asking me to share, I was terrified of the personal nature of the stories, but through the process He healed my heart.  He can heal your heart as well.  It’s time to start joyfully sharing the goodness of God!


Fire heartGathering Wisdom
Audience:  Adults and Senior High Youth

Solomon could have asked God for anything, but he asked for wisdom to rule the people well.  God was so pleased with Solomon’s request that He granted Solomon all the other things he could’ve requested:  long life, wealth, and honor.  We have much to learn from Solomon’s request.  In this message I share my testimony of gathering wisdom all my life and using it to understand the world around me.  You will leave feeling energized and empowered to change your perspective on the events in your life, seeing them not as things that happen but as opportunities to learn and grow, and through that process gain all the blessings of God.


fearlessWaiting Fearlessly
Audience:  Adults and Senior High Youth, Singles Groups (I will develop the talk specifically your group’s area of focus)

It seems God often gives us a call, letting us know in our hearts that He has things planned for our lives that we can only gasp to consider.  We get all excited, tell all our friends, then grow concerned when nothing seems to happen.  We think maybe God needs our help to accomplish the dreams He’s placed in our hearts, so we start working to prepare ourselves.  We make calls, enroll in classes, or start a blog.  Still, nothing seems to happen.  Doors close in our face.  All our efforts to help God accomplish the things He called us to do end up in failure.  In this message, I share my testimony of waiting for God to let me out of the cocoon He placed me in, struggling to be free, and the joy of soaring when He finally says the struggle is over and you’re free to fly.  You will leave feeling empowered to wait fearlessly for God to perform the miracles in your life that are needed for Him to fulfill the call He has placed on your life.  You will leave full of hope for your God-ordained future.


Amy and Travis perform a Contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall.Throw Yourself in His Arms: Your Marriage Can Be Miraculous
Married Women or Women Preparing for Marriage

It can be shocking to a bride to discover that her knight in shining armor can at times be more like a bumbling buffoon, or even a mean-spirited jerk.  In this message, I share my testimony of facing my husband’s short-comings, my feelings about them, and the ways in which God is teaching me to throw myself into His arms to find comfort and strength.  No man is perfect and within the Christian home there are things we can do as wives to find joy, comfort, and provision for our needs.  Presented with humor, honesty, and compassion, you will learn to apply biblical principles of marriage to your home life so that you can joyfully throw yourself into his arms and find comfort there.


crossWhy Am I a Christian?
Audience:  Junior and Senior High Youth

Youth in our churches today are growing more discontent with church and the quickly widening gap between modern culture and Christian values.  In this message, I share my testimony of questioning God, walking away from my faith, and returning with new confidence.  What I learned in the process may save your teen’s life.


super-heroTamar and Amnon: A Princess and Prince in Need of a Hero
Junior and Senior High Youth

Stories of rape, incest, and sexual abuse have become much too common on our news shows and in our own lives.  The story of King David’s children, Tamar and Amnon, is a biblical presentation of what can go wrong in families.  In this message, I use this story as the foundation for a difficult message that all youth and young adults need to hear.  Tactfully and honestly, I explain what sexual abuse is, how it can happen in families, and what kids can do to avoid it or find healing from it.  King David allowed what happened to go unpunished (Amnon) and unredeemed (Tamar).  Sometimes our parents are too broken or weak to be the heroes we need, but we can find heroes in those God has placed in our lives – youth leaders, pastors, school counselors, etc.  I also challenge kids not to be villains, but to be heroes – choosing to speak up when they see something like what happened in Steubenville, OH.  For this message, I need a strong team of leaders to work with ahead of time to prepare them to minister to the kids afterwards.  It can be tailored to meet the needs of the age group.

Video Clips COMING SOON!