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Posted on Mar 16, 2012 in Wisdom | 5 comments

New Day, New Blog

New Day, New Blog

Welcome to my new blog!

Sign in our front yard when we arrived

I had big intentions before I got married to start writing several times a week when I got to my new home and document the transition into married life, back into the farming community I left when I was twelve, and away from the city I have come to love.  However, when we first arrived in our newly remodeled home, it wasn’t finished.  Construction dust was everywhere, our appliances were still in their boxes in the middle of the living room, plastic drop cloths covered all the flooring, the only running water we had in the house was to the toilet, and we were road-weary after living out of suitcases for the previous month.

To say that my mind has been in a fog for the last year is no understatement.  A few months before the wedding, a very good friend looked at me and asked, “What is WRONG with you?  You aren’t like this…”  She was referring to my inability to complete a thought, to remember what I had been doing, to follow through on a project, etc.  From the time Rick and I started talking in July, 2010, until our marriage, we lived 8 hours apart.  We spent hours on the phone each night, neglecting sleep.  We traveled back and forth as often as we could, getting little sleep when we were together because we hadn’t seen each other in so long.  I was consumed with wedding plans and projects, decisions about the house, trying to pack, working a physically challenging job, keeping up with my friends, and nurturing my relationship with Rick.  Melding our two lives and two families together put an emotional strain on me that I underestimated.  I felt like I was in a pressure-cooker and the desired result would be good, but the process to get there nearly brought me to the point of exploding…

The day we hiked the waterfall

Our honeymoon was wonderful.  We went beautiful places and ate good food and enjoyed one another’s company.  But it also brought the challenges of many years of expectations, learning each other’s style and pet-peeves, dealing with exhaustion from the wedding, and being together 24/7 after so much time apart.

When we got to our new house, we had an astonishing list of things that we needed to do immediately.  There was no way to prioritize them.  We just had to get moving and get it done.  We slept on a mattress on the floor, ate and showered down the road at his parents’ house, and tried to remember to enjoy this time in our lives.  Slowly, a home started to emerge from the mess, we got our legal and financial affairs in order, and we got caught up on sleep.  Friends came over and helped us sort through boxes, put things away, and clean up the dust.  Rick’s parents were such a blessing, doing anything they could to help us and spending much of their time putting the finishing touches on the house.

Writing was not a big priority to me during that time.  I didn’t have internet access anyway.

For the first time this week, I feel like I’m coming out of the cloud.  I’m well-rested.  Our house is 99% done.  Rick and I have established a routine and are starting to figure out this marriage-thing (although we have so much more to learn).  We are settling in.  I find the fogginess in my mind is clearing up and my thinking is so much clearer.  Whew!

And so I think I’m ready to begin my new blog – writing about married life, country life, and whatever else inspires me.  If you’re new to my writing, you can check out my pre-marriage blog at  Thanks for reading!

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Posted on Jan 16, 2012 in Love | 3 comments

Honeymoon Thoughts

Tonight I am exhausted, but I want to share some honeymoon thoughts – disjointed as they may be.  Rick and I traveled from our second honeymoon destination, Costa Rica, to our third honeymoon destination (Sacramento, CA) today.  We have been up for about 24 hours now, except for a few cat naps on the plane(s).  We got to meet with a seminary friend of mine during a layover and tonight we got to have dinner with my cousin and her husband.  It’s been a wonderful day in spite of the hours of travel.

Traveling is so much easier with a kind and loving man beside me.  I traveled alone for years – business trips, visits home, etc.  Having a man beside me to help with the luggage, to lean on when I want to sleep, to consult on decisions about where to turn or get gas is all such a blessing.  I’m so used to doing things alone that I didn’t even realize what I was missing.

As we traveled, I listened to our reception music play list on my iPod.  I kept finding myself tearing up, choking back tears as I listened to the words of the songs.  I was so overwhelmed with wedding details when I made the play list that I didn’t really take the time to appreciate how the words of the songs applied to our situation.  Song after song reminded me of how blessed I am to have the love of this wonderful man.  Here’s a little sampling of the songs that have been been the soundtrack of my day (and our reception):

The More I See You – Michael Bublé
What a Difference a Day Makes – Jaimee Paul
Don’t Let Me Lose My Wonder – Keith and Kristyn Getty
Give In to Me – Garrett Hedlund & Leighton Meester
Defying Gravity – Glee Cast Version
You and Me – Dave Matthews Band
Unpredictable – Francesca Battistelli
She Is – The Fray
Change – Taylor Swift
Smile – Uncle Kracker
Come On Get Higher – Sugarland
Timing Is Everything – Garrett Hedlund
Glitter In the Air – P!nk
These Are Days – 10,000 Maniacs
Looking For You – Amy Grant
All I Want to Do – Sugarland
Love Story – Taylor Swift

Once we get to our new home and have some time to edit our honeymoon pictures, I’ll post some.  We have had quite the adventure.  It’s been wonderful.  But right now I’m going to get some sleep.  How was I able to write a blog on my honeymoon?  Well, my amazing husband is tireless and decided to use the hotel laundry room tonight to wash all our dirty clothes.  I am in awe.

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Posted on Jan 1, 2012 in Love | 4 comments

I’m Married!

I’m Married!

It’s January 1, 2012, and I have been married for 2 1/2 days!  Rick and I are happily holed up in a cabin in the mountains.  We have an amazing honeymoon planned and I have no intention of spending it on my blog…  However, in honor of the new year, I thought I should write one quick post.  I plan to change my blog soon and write about my new experiences as a rural mid-western farmer’s wife.

In the meantime, a few pictures from the wedding for you…

We Did It!








Bridal Bouquet and Wedding Rings

My Dearest Friends

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